5 Places in Singapore offering fun art workshops

There’s no better time than now to start learning something novel, be it a new skill or just trying out a new hobby. If you’re into the arts, you’ll be glad to know that there are tons of places in Singapore for you to get down, dirty and creative. With that, we’ve collated a list of 5 places in Singapore offering fun art workshops for you and your friends to join in on.

1. The Potters’ Guilt

A pot that is sitting on a table

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Photo Credit: The Potters’ Guilt

If you’ve ever fantasized of recreating that pottery scene from ‘Ghost’, it’s time to grab your partner and sign up for a pottery session with The Potter’s guilt. From $80/pax for 3 hours, you’ll learn the basics of handbuilding as well as wheel throwing – where you use the potter’s wheel to shape clay (cue, Unchained Melody).

After the class, you’ll be well-versed with the basics of pottering and can even bring home your own masterpiece after it’s glazed and fired.

2. Soap Ministry Pte Ltd

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Photo Credit: Soap Ministry Pte Ltd

Soap-making classes are popular these days, so join in on the fun and learn how to make your own customised soap! At $48/person for 1 hour, you can choose the base of your choice, colour, and scent before moulding them into unique designs. The soap recipes are specially customised for normal and sensitive skin, and the ingredients are vegan too.

If you’ve tried out the single workshop and want to learn more, you can also opt for the intermediate workshop at $182 and learn more complex techniques such as soap layering. On top of that, you also get to take home 30 bars of soap!

3. Itchy Fingers Studio

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Photo Credit: Everyday Canoe

Got itchy fingers? Satisfy that itch with a 3-hour-long spoon carving class where you’ll learn the basics of wood carving, chiselling, whittling and finishing! At the end of the class, you’ll get to bring home your own hand carved Star Spoon in teak wood, as well as a kit to take care and maintain it. Light refreshments will also be served during the workshop so both you and your stomach are happy throughout.

4. Room To Imagine

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Photo Credit: Room To Imagine

Join in on this Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop and create your own masterpiece for a fee of $100! No art experience is needed, and anyone can join from teens to adults and even your ah gong. With a small class size, participants will enjoy personalised guidance from the instructor in a cosy home studio setting, and learn about the materials and tools involved in the art from of Acrylic Pour.

5. Kamal Arts Ltd

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Photo Credit: Kamal Arts Limited

Batik is one of the most recognisable of art forms in Southeast Asia and is traditionally used for clothing. At Kamal Arts Ltd, you can make your own creative batik prints on a canvas or follow pre-made patterns using tools like the ‘tjanting’. Open to all, workshops are held every Wednesday for a full day and cost only $20 – all materials included.

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