Bright lights, shine high

With my new iPhone 12 Pro max, I impatiently cycled to Marina Barrage to test out the highly acclaimed night mode function.

And I was impressed by the results of the photos. Every photo looks professionally taken. I am not exaggerating, but they really don’t look that bad.

Perhaps the bright lights are a sign of a slow recovery to come. As I admire the beautiful skyline from afar, I am imagining tourists coming back and taking tons of photos at Gardens by the Bay. Expatriates and locals working late at their offices. Shoppers are strolling at the high-end boutiques of Marina Bay Sands. Singaporeans having their staycation at MBS during the year-end holiday season.

Yes, life is slowly getting back to its normalcy.

Or is this a dream?

I cannot be sure. But I am very sure the bright lights give a sense of hope, glittering with a magical fantasy, that the dream could soon be over.

We might be waking up soon to this long-suffering nightmare.

We all love a beautiful ending to our story.

Skylines are meant to be admired. I believe the ever beautiful skyline stressed upon the fact that Singapore will stay and become even stronger in the midst of this global Pandemic.

Louis Vuitton
View of Marina Bay Sands
The new apple outlet at Marina Bay Sands
CBD Lights
View shot from East Bay
0.5x shot from East Bay
0.5x Shot from East Bay
Shot from East Bay
Shot from East Coast Park Jetty

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