Support Needed

Thank you for considering this fundraising project.

My name is Dennis Toh 卓庆成 and I am a freelance actor and academic in Singapore. You could check out my personal page:

I am turning to Gogetfund to get possible financial support for this passion project of mine. I know that if I don’t try, the staging will never materialise.

I have recently applied to NAC Digitalisation Grant and was rejected. The reasons cited was ‘content was not suitable for general masses consumption’.

One thing I learnt is that if one door closes on you, go find other doors.

I am hoping to get more support towards this project by raising enough funds to get work started. This entire process has not been an easy one. Writing the script has taken close to 2 years with multiple revisions. I had 2 readings and have also passed the script to a few existing playwrights in Singapore.

I hope to stage this play in June 2021 and help raise more awareness about the perils of technology, and how it potentially could alter the human and social dynamics of love and relationships.

Do access

‘Love what you do, do what you love!’

Dennis Toh

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